Hotel Lumbini Garden New Crystal

We at Lumbini Garden New Crystal were among the first hotels to open our doors to the thousands of visitors who come every year to visit this special place of Buddhist pilgrimage and World Heritage. As Lumbini’s reputation as an internatinal destination grows with every passing season, we are proud to have become one of the best regarded hosts by the those who have come to visit the Lumbini Sacred Garden, international Monastic Zones, and surrounding parkland. Pilgrims who travel distances to pay homage to the birth site of Lord Buddha, as well as those who come for love of history, culture, and nature ­– all are welcomed to find peace and comfort within our lush and tranquil spaces.

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Services & Amenities

The pleasures of nature with the comforts of home, our amenities offer pleasures to the body and soul. Whether you come to Lumbini to retreat from the everyday or if you want to stay connected, we have you covered.


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Encircling a private pond skirted by covered boardwalks and veiled on all sides by strategic planting, each one of our 72 rooms offers privacy, comfort, and garden charms.

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History of Lumbini

One warm spring day, many years ago, a lone woman stood in the generous shade of a sal tree. Some distance away, through a screen dense with foliage, perfumed flowers and hungry bees, a group of soldiers and well dressed servants stood around a richly decorated palanquin…

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